We All Scream Fore! More Ice Cream

Jack Nicklaus Ice Cream
The county fair has finished for another year and we're recovering at home. It was an extremely hot and humid week filled with late nights and early mornings. Feeding, washing animals, showing, selling, working in various booths for various organizations — the kids are in a stupor today, and rightfully so. They didn't know I had a secret treat to brighten their day ... something so yummy they'd scream fore! more. Continue Reading

Not Your Mama’s Canning Book: praise from a devotee

Not Your Mama's Canning Book by Rebecca Lindamood
Do you start yearning for fresh produce about mid-January? Do you wax nostalgic when summer rolls around and canning jars go on sale at the hardware store? Hang tight, friend. I've discovered a canning book filled with incredibly decadent recipes that will have your steam gauge spinning. Also? You'll want to CAN ALL THE THINGS — a reference to page 19 in a new book by Rebecca Lindamood. It seals the deal on canning season, now and forevermore. Continue Reading

All You Need Is Love … but love is elusive

View from the pasture with love.
There is hope. There is promise. There is kindness. There is peace. There is love. It may be sheltered by tall grasses or buried beneath weeds. It may be hidden in the midst of a thorny facade. So what! It is our calling to find it, our duty to bring it to light. We were not made to stagnate. We were not created to wallow in frustration until one last breath leaves our body. Continue Reading

Independence Day, Fireworks and Family Fun

Independence Day 2016
There were barefoot kids running in every direction. There were sparklers (only 1 burn!). There were smiles and laughs and shrieks. There were grandparents, parents, siblings, cousins, and kids of all ages. There were burgers and deviled eggs and watermelon and iced tea. There were big booms and bright lights. And while I sat off to the side trying to capture the night with a camera, I couldn't help but feel thankful and blessed. I hope your Independence weekend held special moments for you and yours, too! Continue Reading

Firecracker Pinwheel Project

Pinwheel Project
You know how it goes. You see a darling craft project and determine to replicate it. Except it's complicated, expensive and turns out to be somewhat of a disaster. Not this one! You can make a pinwheel in a couple of minutes. They're easy and yes, I'll say it — they're cheap! They also make delightful table decorations. So Annie, get your glue gun! It's time to get crafty. Continue Reading

You Make Me Smile Like The Sun

Spectcular June Sunset at Tuckaway Farm, 2016.
Ever have one of those days when the good times start to fade and you forget to smile? You don't notice, though, because you're entrenched in whatever it is that steals your attention and takes away your zest. I was busy doing what needed doing when my phone rang. It was my mother. Continue Reading