All The Happy Golden Day

August 2, 2015

Hay field and blue skies.To say, “What a beautiful day!” doesn’t seem adequate. It was beautiful — sunlight and relatively mild temperatures, a soft breeze through the leaves, spectacular clouds. This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. And we did … and then late in the afternoon we grieved. The tears still flow. Text messages still fly between teens and friends, between mothers and other mothers. And collectively we pray for a family who has suffered tragic loss in the blink of an eye.  Continue Reading…

Saying Goodbye to July

July 31, 2015

Sunset on July 31, 2015The light beckoned me to leave the house and head for the hills, literally. The rosy glow promised something even more spectacular … something breathtaking.  Continue Reading…

The 4-Her’s Show and Tell

July 30, 2015

Carroll County Fair, Ohio
This child … the one above, on the left. She’s a blue-eyed whippersnapper with a bucolic view of the world and a wicked sense of humor. She loves responsibility and is always eager to be involved … but there are just so many things to see and do in any given moment that it’s easy to get distracted. Continue Reading…

The Art of Gracious Gardening

July 9, 2015

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I’m always attracted to simple, beautiful things — like leaves afloat on the surface of a rain puddle or white, puffy clouds traversing blue skies on a summer day. Gardening is one of those activities that also yields simple pleasures,  but let’s face it — pulling weeds can be tedious. Picking fresh vegetables is exciting, but maybe not so much after those first few bushels of green beans. What we need is a dose of functional and  fabulous! Continue Reading…