Our Thanksgiving Big Bang Theory

Clay pigeon shoot on Thanksgiving 2015
Clay pigeon shoot on Thanksgiving 2015 "Big shots are only little shots who kept shooting." ~ Christopher Morley And it takes an awful lot of practice and patience to get there. Our family Thanksgiving is usually a bit of a big bang affair. The morning begins with the annual rabbit hunts (we had smoked rabbit for the Thanksgiving after-party thanks to my brother), and this year, concluded with a clay pigeon shoot. These "family shooting sports" activities are great fun, but I'm quite positive the fatherly figures use these outings for practice. The Monday after Thanksgiving is the start of Ohio's deer [gun] season. And anything that might interfere with that annual pilgrimage had better think again. ... Continue Reading

Into the Gorge at Glenlaurel

Camusfearna Gorge at Glenlaurel
A few days of exquisite food and lulling music and outdoor adventure while completely unplugged and unattached. I can't wait to go back. Continue Reading

Essential Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Relish with Essential Oils
Our cranberry sauce is delicious. We made a double batch, so I didn't mind that the kids spooned some into a bowl and proceeded to dip pretzel crackers in it. Yum, is all I have to say about that! Continue Reading

Creamy Cheddar Chicken Noodle Soup

Creamy Cheddar Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken noodle soup may be good for the soul ... but creamy cheddar chicken noodle soup is good for just about everything that was ailing us. Continue Reading

Timothy, Tiny Tim and The Word to live by

November sunrise 2015
I'm tired of the spineless pretenses of kindness ... accepting all and engaging in whatever is [not] right. It's unacceptable. It's certainly not God's directive. And with every new headline proposing equality and distorted justice for all, I waver between weary anger and quiet consternation. The world has distorted what is good and right and true in favor of what feels good, pretends to be right, and disguises truth. Continue Reading

The Hiding Place

Weekend Retreat
He has crawled right into the thick of it. He's sitting atop deep and sturdy roots, on a bed of fallen leaves, with his head in the branches. It's quiet and slow and protected there, but he's not alone. Nestled underneath is a Continue Reading