Firecracker Pinwheel Project

Pinwheel Project
You know how it goes. You see a darling craft project and determine to replicate it. Except it's complicated, expensive and turns out to be somewhat of a disaster. Not this one! You can make a pinwheel in a couple of minutes. They're easy and yes, I'll say it — they're cheap! They also make delightful table decorations. So Annie, get your glue gun! It's time to get crafty. Continue Reading

You Make Me Smile Like The Sun

Spectcular June Sunset at Tuckaway Farm, 2016.
Ever have one of those days when the good times start to fade and you forget to smile? You don't notice, though, because you're entrenched in whatever it is that steals your attention and takes away your zest. I was busy doing what needed doing when my phone rang. It was my mother. Continue Reading

Welcome To Augusta, Ohio – Everybody Loves A Parade

Augusta Strawberry Festival
This is a tale of strawberries, people, and parades — elements that combine to create a tapestry of memory, history and marked joy spanning my entire life. The annual parade and a bit of family history have set the stage for a promising future, ensuring yet another generation will appreciate the joys and traditions of a small town in rural Ohio. I hope you'll read on, and scan through a bit o' history with me! Continue Reading

Some Bright Morning When This Life Is Over

Some glad morning I'll fly away.
Some bright morning when this life is over, I'll fly away. Except this life is not over and there's so much to see and hear and do and experience. It's up to us to jump into each moment with arms spread wide, heart open and eyes ready to take in the beauty in the ugliest situations. For there is beauty everywhere. God created the heavens and the earth and those who inhabit it. Therefore, beauty reigns. Find it. Embrace it. Revel in the smallest, insignificant glimpses of heaven, on earth. Then realize that the most magical moments we have ever experienced are nothing ... NOTHING ... compared to what is to come. Continue Reading

How To Tame Those Teen Snack Attacks

Teenagers and snack time
Teen snack attacks are nothing to joke about. Ravenous kids will decimate your kitchen in under 10 seconds. They sniff out cereals, crackers and chips. You can spend your entire grocery store budget one day and have bare cupboards the next. Unless you take action and do something about it. Now. Continue Reading

Morning and the Sounds of Silence

Horses in the pasture
Summer mornings are bright and cheery, promising intense heat and perhaps, a cool repose with an icy Sunday afternoon drink on the porch — something with lemon, perhaps. Enjoy your morning ... and your noon and night, friends. Continue Reading