Jul 182014
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My Favorite Scenes from the Show

Not to be corny, but that sort of thing fills me with joy and thanksgiving. And it’s the same for anything — whether you’re a farmer or a tradesman or a businessman. Teaching your work ethic, knowledge, insight and passion to the next generation is powerful stuff. We need more of that in this world!

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Jul 142014
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Dance Party On the Porch

We had a birthday party for the girl in blue. It was a porch party complete with props for photos, crazy music and red velvet cake. Quite possibly, too much iced tea was consumed. And the giggles and giddy guffaws continued into the evening as they danced the night away — in particular, practicing line dances for the county fair. There’s always a barn dance on Saturday night.

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Jul 102014
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Fair Food for Happy Families

Fair week is the kids’ favorite time of year. Eating typical “fair food” is a treat, but they need protein-packed, nutritious foods to make it through long, hot days and dairy shows. It’s a demanding week and good food makes a difference. I try to make the menu as much fun as the festivities. Here’s a list:

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