Finding Silence In Dirt, Dead Trees and New Beginnings

Old greenhouse, new life
When we do not, our paths wander aimlessly. We're askew. We focus on "picture perfect" and "share-worthy" and never stop to truly "like" our own journey. We seek satisfaction in a vacuum and spend our time adrift in a sea of unnecessary noise. We focus on the weeds in the background, but the stark blooming beauty directly in front of us is always out of focus. Continue Reading

Wildfire Devastates But the Human Spirit Burns Brighter

Sunrise like wildfire at Tuckaway Farm
Each of us has a place to call home. No matter the size or structure, location or zip code, we tend to view home with nostalgia and a bit of pride. One day we're doing what we do, knowing what we know, loving what we love, and the next? Gone. In minutes, our lush livelihood could be transformed by wildfire into nothing but smoke and debris. Continue Reading

What Lies Beneath Is Your Story Waiting To Be Told

January thaw
Our whole story never shows ... but it's there, isn't it? Living, breathing, growing, stretching just below the surface. Waiting for a warm day when sparkling sun gets the ideas and enthusiasm flowing for our good. Continue Reading

Standing At the Gate of A New Year

Gate of the New YEar
So heart be still: What need our little life Our human life to know, If God hath comprehension? Continue Reading

Let’s Make New Year’s Resolutions! Oh, never mind.

New Year's Resolutions, Oh, Never Mind
It's fashionable and trendy to resolve to do something new, different, better, faster, more intense. And then, somewhere between too busy to succeed, too overwhelmed to care, and "But I had good intentions!" ... we shrug it off. Continue Reading

Make Cocoa Caramel Delight Cookies

Cocoa Caramel Delights
These tasty little treats look so nice on pretty plate or cookie tray! They're delicious and elegant — perfect for parties, showers, Christmas parties, and more. This is my sister Rebekah's recipe, and she kindly shared it for all of us to enjoy! So go forth and bake up a batch of these stunning Cocoa Caramel Delights! Continue Reading