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We’re Village people now

Marathon Village in Nashville, Tenn.
We spent some time at Marathon Village during our Nashville Trip. I am still in awe of this grand old building. Very industrial, very cool, very textural and delightful — especially for camera-toting creative types! The buildings house shops, studios, offices and even a fitness center nowadays. In it's prime (1907-1914), Marathon Village was home to the Marathon Motor Car Company. Continue Reading

Exploring Antique Archaeology in Nashville

Antique Archaeology in Nashville, Tenn.
You know the show American Pickers, right? It's a show on History channel that follows the exploratory tales of Mike and Frank, and their junk hunts across America. The pair happens to have a store in downtown Nashville. It's tucked away in a place called Marathon Village (more on that tomorrow!) and boy, oh boy is it cool! Continue Reading

Scenes from a day in Nashville

Antique store near Nashville, Tenn.
We always find our way to a tasty barbecue joint when we're in Tennessee. This trip my sister (the middle cutie, below) took us to a place voted the best barbecue in Nashville in 2013. I have to admit it was pretty darned tasty!   And then there are places like this ... A treasure trove of undiscovered possibilities! Happy Saturday to you and yours. I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and a little bit of intrigue!     Continue Reading

Ode to Spring in home and garden

Planting seeds for the garden
Tomorrow is the official first day of spring! You could celebrate by making this fresh and delicious couscous recipe. It tastes like spring, literally! Continue Reading

Feed Mills, Three French Hens and Mt. Richmore

I find it both ironic and hilarious that after arriving at my sister's house in a Nashville suburb, we loaded into a vehicle and traveled in the opposite direction of Music City. She knows us ... knows traffic and crowds give my mom hives, knows we love to travel off the beaten path, so she took us to Nolensville, a tiny little burb with antique stores, a cute little diner and the Nolensville Feed Mill. They had homemade breads, cinnamon rolls, 'the world's best chicken salad' and of all ... Continue Reading

Taking the crazy train to Nashville

Guess what I HERD this morning ... Seems there's some solar storm shooting toward earth. It could cause disruptions in GPS systems and power grids. Seeing as how (I hate that phrase, but it seemed to fit) the hubby and I recently watched War of the Worlds, I want to tell you this: If I get stranded somewhere between the Ohio Valley and Nashville this weekend because giant alien robots start blitzing the earth, I promise to blog about the experience for as long as humanly possible. So ... Continue Reading