Barrel of monkeys



This post could also be called Why I love Hermann, part II.

One of our adventures took us to Stone Hill Winery, sitting high on a hill over the town.




We a had a delightful tour of the winery, vineyards and cave. We tasted some truly excellent wines. And believe it or not, the kids had more fun than we did.

These two provided entertainment and commentary. I think Stone Hill is their playground … and they happily demonstrated the ins and outs for our kids.




These barrels had to be scrubbed on the inside before a new batch of wine could be stored. Imagine it’s 1847 and you’re the owner’s wife … in you go with your scrub brush.

The thought of such a project had me feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Not so, for my offspring.

Monkey see … monkey do.




Then it was on to the stainless steel tanks.

We didn’t climb inside these babies. They hold more than 3,000 gallons each. The tour guide — a jolly soul with a great sense of humor — did an excellent job of explaining the winemaking process. Even though his audience of 10 included six children under nine!










Stone Hill Winery … another reason to love Hermann, Mo.

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    deborah thomas March 9, 2010 (9:49 am)

    Dear Kiko/Baker Clan,
    Your website is bar none, my favorite now! How can so-o-o-o- much talent be in one family? Astounding and delightful! All that I see from the pictures, the videos and all that I read reflect the cement that binds you all…LOVE for each other, for God and for country!
    Thank you for giving the rest of us a taste (literally, too, as the recipes /pictures are divine) of your extraordinary lives together. I predict that one of the cousins, or maybe all of them, will one day write a best-selling memoir of Life at Farmgirl Follies.

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    Nashville March 10, 2010 (5:09 pm)

    I love the group picture! It’s absolutely wonderful! I sure wish their Nashville cousin could be a bigger part of the Life at Farmigrl Follies. 😉