Love Notes – {Day 11} An open and shut case

Old door

Leave the door open a crack.

It’s my son’s nightly request. I’ve tucked him in bed for seven years. Every night he asks me to leave the door cracked … just in case. Just in case what? He doesn’t really know and it doesn’t matter. He only knows that he wants to hear us, if need be. He wants to see a light in the darkness, no matter what. A door opened — just a crack — is a lifeline in his nightly sea of loneliness. It’s a connection to the rest of us when he’s tucked away by himself. There’s not a person on earth who doesn’t long for that sliver of light  when they’re seeking safety and acceptance.

Heartache needs the gift of understanding. Fear needs the comfort of steadfast faith. 

Be a door — strong, sturdy and open, if only a crack, to desperation. Bar the door against evil, of course, but welcome goodness with wholehearted greeting. It’s difficult to give others entrance to our world behind the door, but it’s a heck of a lot more rewarding than slamming that door in their face. You will dwell on it even more than they will. What happens when you slam a door? Just ask a teenager. Punishment follows.

Look around. Chances are you’ll find someone who’s hurting, struggling, someone not ready or able to knock. Like the boy in his bed in the middle of night, it’s scary to stand up in the darkness and search for a way out. It’s a lot easier to walk toward a sliver of light and push through the opening. Even if it’s ‘just a crack’ it’s still the only comfort in sight.


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