Deep freeze, bright fire



Remember … last week when I complained about being cold?

That was nothin’ — an error in judgment.

Now I’m officially cold.

And there’s a wind.

Like I need more chill factor!

No worries, though. The house temperature seen above isn’t really accurate. The thermometer is on my window sill. There it may be 57 (and home energy folks are probably cringing), but the rest of the house is toasty.

Especially in the areas I manage …




There is a small woodstove in the room off the kitchen. I like to fire it up when the going gets cold — [like now through March]. The thermometer would quickly register 78 degrees if I moved it to this room. I’ve considered bringing my pillow downstairs. I’d love to sleep right in front of the stove.

But I won’t.

My electric blanket is already set to HIGH.





The rest of the house stays warm because of Farmguy’s hard work. He spent the afternoon in the woods — cutting, hauling and chopping firewood.

My brother-in-law spent the afternoon in the emergency room. He caught his hand in a log splitter at his house … but that’s another story. And I don’t yet have all the details.

Men, boys, ladies … be careful in the woods. Be careful in your back yards.

Don’t damage your leg with a chainsaw, smash your hand with a splitter or split your skull with an ax. Just … go slowly and with great care. We may depend on you to keep warm, but what we really want is for you to be safe.

Got it? S A F E.

So anyway, Farmguy’s outside right now, making sure the fire is good to go until 6 a.m. tomorrow.

He has his blaze to manage. I’ve got mine.

Together, we keep the home fires burning.

Those fires, paired with an electric blanket and an ill-fitting pair of Farmguy’s wool boot socks, will keep me warm tonight.


Keep cozy,

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    Mother Goose January 4, 2010 (2:00 pm)

    You want details here you go…the “safety-challenged” individual was splitting some gigantic logs which papa had hauled to the backyard for us. One just happened to slip out of the splitter and hit him in the leg which caused him to lose his balance. In the process he sat his hand down on the log and bumped the control arm with his right hand. This caused the wedge to come down right across his thumb and into his hand. He broke it at the joint where your thumb is attached to your hand. He is lucky to even have it still attached! We will know Wednesday whether he will be getting it pinned or not. Until then a temporary cast and lots of swelling are the deal.

    “Don’t damage your leg with a chainsaw, smash your hand with a splitter or split your skull with an ax. Just … go slowly and with great care. We may depend on you to keep warm, but what we really want is for you to be safe.”

    ~Yes the reason I call him safety challenged- all of these things farmgirl describes have happened to him!

    I just keep reminding myself that God never gives us more than we can handle! Even a frozen pond and water hydrants that burst in the greenhouse while hubby has one arm! I am woman and I will survive!