Reality check



I guess we could call this day 5 of my make and taste recipe  project.

Except this wasn’t a recipe, it was a quick fix. I’m pretty sure every one of you could figure out some way to make it better. It was a busy day. It was a busy evening. And it’s not all cookbooks, celebrity chefs and fancy pans around here.

So let’s talk about keepin’ it real.

Translation: I stopped off at a store, grabbed the first ingredients I could find, and rushed home to throw some semblance of supper together.

Fresh Green Beans with Shallots

1/2-pound of fresh green beans, ends removed
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
3 tablespoons or so of diced shallots

(Note: I dice onions and shallots and freeze them. It makes prep time quicker when you’re cooking!)

Heat olive oil in a non-stick skillet. Add shallots and saute about 30 seconds. Add green beans, salt and pepper, and any other seasonings you prefer. Cook, covered, 5-7 minutes on medium heat or until beans are crisp-tender.




They’re yummy. And quick. And healthy. And I just love shallots.

But I digress.

After the beans … prepared with great flair to impress my ravenous family, I sliced the little cottage ham and the Italian baguettes. Then I sliced some farmer’s cheese — but you can use any kind you like when you’re making sandwiches because you didn’t have time to cook an entree.




Then you slap a sandwich on a plate, hand them the ever-present ketchup before they ask, and add the bowl of green beans. Pour them all a glass of milk …




… pause for one moment to reflect on a happy family … briefly wonder why your son has a mohawk … sigh because it’s so late your daughters are showered and wearing pajamas at supper …

And then head for the next endeavor.

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