Our growing gaggle



Sometimes it’s easier to take everybody along.

My sister and I loaded our collective brood in the car and headed out. I guess when there are five rambunctious punks in the car, we don’t feel so bad about leaving them strapped in the seats while we go shopping.

Just kidding. We would never do that. We take turns. Each mama gets to shop alone without having to wrangle a rugrat. And it’s not like it was a big shopping trip anyway — unless you consider a 50-pound bag of flour a big deal.


When we go shopping, we take the road less traveled.





This is one of the quietest, most abandoned roads less traveled around these parts.

(Although 20 years ago or so it may have been a bit busier on Saturday nights. There’s something about the crickets chirping and the stars shining and old abandoned roads that really make for great make-out sessions.)

So I’ve been told.


But anyway …

We ran errands with all of the kids. First we headed to a surplus building materials shop. I’m on the lookout for a new front door before winter sets in. I can see sunshine above, below and through the middle of my front doors. I won’t embrace the snow flurries with as much patience.

Then we headed to the Board of Education offices. Time to drop off my official notice of intent. Forms filled out? Check. Copies of achievement test scores attached? Check. Copies of curriculum and book lists? Check.

Yeah. We’re those crazy homeschoolers.

I’m the first to admit it — just look at my weirdo, unsocialized children and their friends.




I have something really funny to show you … but I’ll post it at the bottom.

I don’t want to distract you from the really big news!
The part about our growing gaggle!
But first … more scenes from our shopping trip …

Deep breath.


After The Board, we headed to our favorite place to eat: Donna’s Deli. In a word, YUM! Seriously, if you find yourself on the square in Carrollton, look for the big Delicatessen sign. You won’t be sorry.

Then it was back into the wilderness of rolling hills … which is truly where we like to shop. Our next stop? The bulk food store — which is how we buy around here, at least my sister does. She bakes 30 dozen cookies four days a week. That’s a lot of flour, let me tell ya. 



We passed some hard-working scenery on the way.




We drove by the new school.




We discussed birdhouse gourds, purple Martins and hay.

And I silently apologized for a bad photo from behind a windshield. And then I turned around and said, “Hey! Keep it down back there, rugrats! We’re almost home.” And then we turned left and drove two miles to our house.




And then my son truly, wholeheartedly and radically rejoiced.




Because the lady at Tractor Supply … back in the spring … when I knew better than to trust her judgment and allow such a purchase in the first place … she was






Anyone want a free bunny?

I don’t think seven more rugrats will fit in my car!



Oh yeah, I promised you something funny — maybe not as funny as going from two rabbits to nine in a matter of minutes, but funny. I like to laugh, especially at myself … so please laugh with me — or at me, it’s ok. And remember, homeschoolers are normal people … just like me … ha! … and my crazy children … and their baby-making bunnies.

P.S. I have never worn a bandana on my head, and I rarely wear a skirt. Just sayin’.



Have a great day!

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