Up in the air



Farmguy is on a plane.

The kids are not happy — so we do what we always do when he takes these rare work trips. We watch his flight. It’s highly entertaining and they check it about every 20 seconds. They’re amazed at the speed and altitude. I swear they hold their breath until the little orange airplane lands at the next airport.

I’ll be honest, it’s pretty cool to watch his virtual plane as it travels across the country.

They couldn’t believe he made it in 48 minutes … but that was only the first leg of his journey. Now we’re watching as his little plane heads south, toward the land of white sandy beaches, palm trees and hurricanes (none in sight now, though!).

We don’t like being left behind.

On the other hand, we’re not really beach people. Next year, though, we’re going with him. Or at least joining him, we haven’t decided yet. Next year’s trip will take him to a place that DOES NOT look like this:




Instead … and much to our delight … next year’s trip will take us to a place like this:




This is more our style.

The kids are saving for the trip.

So far, they have $1.87.

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  • comment-avatar
    Mary Poppins September 29, 2010 (10:14 am)

    Neat! I had no idea you could do that!

  • comment-avatar
    wolfprint September 29, 2010 (11:10 am)

    Love it! I will have to remember to set this up for my kids the next time I travel.

    And I agree, the second destination IS more appealing. 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Georgia Peach September 30, 2010 (6:02 am)

    Can we come? It does seem so much more beautiful.

  • comment-avatar
    MAC September 30, 2010 (7:36 am)

    Farm guy is here safe and sound!!!! Saw him with his toes in the sand this a.m.

  • comment-avatar
    Nashville September 30, 2010 (9:00 pm)

    I think both pictures look heavenly! Although next weekend I will be visiting a place much like the first picture and I can’t wait. I think the kids would LOVE the beach! Sandcastles and collecting sea shells is so much fun!