Life is fragile.

We go through our days … dotting each i and crossing each t, checking off boxes as we go. There’s usually a plan of attack … a schedule to keep … a “To Do” list that must be managed.





We have a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree in our basement.

The book, by the same name, helps young children learn the alphabet. Farmboy learns a new letter and number each week. What happens when we reach Z? Perhaps a party … a pop quiz? We’ll see. One thing’s for certain: we’re establishing reading readiness.





He must be ready — to read, write and conquer the world — just like the rest of us. Sometimes we’ll need a place to land … a comfy couch or a warm embrace or a bear hug.

It’s good to keep a box of tissues handy when you’re out exploring the world. You never know when you’ll need them. And don’t forget to climb a few trees to see what you can see.

It’s often wise to consult a good book, or THE book, when you need a little direction.

Because you’re bound to encounter a chicka chicka boom BOOM you weren’t expecting.





We all need guidance now and then.

We usually see the obvious. Happy faces. Enthusiastic smiles. Rambunctious rugrats excited about birthday gifts. Do we stop and look and listen … savor and ponder and store away for tomorrow?

Probably not most of the time. That comes later … then we look back a lot.

I’m looking back at this photo, taken two days ago.

I’m memorizing the moment, but mostly staring at the two on the left. Their sweet, quirky ways. Their sibling love. Their eagerness to be kissin’ cousins to my two on the right.

We look back for many reasons … sometimes because we’re thankful.





Thankful that what could have happened, didn’t.

Thankful that the driver and the children who were sitting right there did not suffer serious injury. Or worse. Thankful for divine intervention. Thankful for family and their safety, however fragile it really is. Thankful for the tools learned at a young age that help us deal with trials and tribulations and challenges that lay ahead.

It’s ok to look back … it helps us navigate the road ahead. It reminds us:

Be ye thankful.

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    Nashville November 19, 2010 (3:29 pm)

    That was the first picture I’ve seen and it brought tears to my eyes. I’m so thankful they’re ok, and even more furious at the school!