2 posts from day 28/01/2011

Color me happy

I'm hungry for color ... vibrancy in the midst of January's snowy, black and white days. It can be found in the most unexpected places. I just need to open my eyes and look. There is blue in the glare of the windows and a deep, dark green under the blanketed branches of spruce. Can you see it? Can you see the rich, deep colors of everyday life? Note: I love these four posts. Someday when Farmguy's not around, I'm going to push them out of the ... Continue Reading

Window shopping

    I like to move the furniture around. It's a character flaw — fueled by angst, excess energy or hormones, take your pick. It used to drive Farmguy crazy. He never knew what the house might look like. One time he walked into the darkened living room and put his glass of water on an end table that was no longer there. He doesn't share my belief that this is a way to keep our marriage fresh and new. In fact, my stress reliever often has the opposite effect on him. ... Continue Reading