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Cozy Corner

I like to move the furniture around. It’s a character flaw — fueled by angst, excess energy or hormones, take your pick. It used to drive Farmguy crazy. He never knew what the house might look like. One time he walked into the darkened living room and put his glass of water on an end table that was no longer there. He doesn’t share my belief that this is a way to keep our marriage fresh and new. In fact, my stress reliever often has the opposite effect on him.

Now we can compromise … Polyvore. It’s awesome. Amazing. Life changing.

You can search for anything under the sun. You can drag, drop, rearrange and resize until you have the room, outfit or storyboard you desire. I wasted 30 minutes this morning as you can see. I created a cozy reading nook just for me … some of my favorite things … no back strain from moving furniture and I didn’t spend a dime. It channeled my inexplicable need to create and rearrange.

So when insomnia kicks in … when you’re rocking a sleepy baby … when there’s nothing on TV worth watching — check out Polyvore. Disclaimer: Do not go to Polyvore if you have a to do list a mile long. You will not get it done. Trust me.

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