Put your heart in it

Here are my top five ideas for Valentine’s Day, Farmgirl-style. I hope you, you and your spouse, or you and your loved ones have a wonderful weekend celebrating your appreciation and thankfulness for the blessing of each other!

1. Make something to eat. A tasty meal brings out the best in people. If you’re feeding the man, I recommend this recipe, from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook. But P.S. If you decide to skip the whiskey sauce and just make these with salt and pepper, I promise he’ll be perfectly content.

2. Or … go out to eat … and I certainly don’t mean to the closest fast-food joint. Go somewhere special. Somewhere with soft lighting, exquisite food — a place to get gussied up to go to!

3. Write a love letter. It’s so much better than a store-bought card (and a lot cheaper!). And be creative … you don’t have to pen a page of prose. Grab the lipstick and write on the bathroom mirror. Sometimes it’s the unexpected that has the most impact!


4. Share your heart. Open it wide and let the love pour forth. Smile. Be kind. Be loving. Yes, it really is that simple. Remember, all you need is love!

5. Make something sweet. Really. Who doesn’t love a little sugar? It helps the medicine go down. And life is full of bitter pills, so whatever we can do for someone else to make things just a bit sweeter? Well I say, “Go for it!”

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