Once upon a time …

Three young farm girls discovered a closet full of dresses. The lovely, flowing garments belonged to their grandmother, great-grandmother and great aunt. The three girls eagerly dressed in the lovely satins, velvets and silks and then slipped into high-heeled shoes that were entirely too high for ladies of such innocent age. The young ladies felt absolutely beautiful — regal, in fact.

Thus, there mummy showcased the moment by snapping a photograph and promising to make them blush later in life when they dress in their own fancy frocks for a date to a dance or the prom with young gentlemen who will be expected to be on their best behavior.

Motherhood (and aunt-hood) is so rewarding. 


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    Mary Poppins February 16, 2011 (10:46 am)

    I have to admit, the white dress looks alot better on the princess on the left then it did on me when I was “forced” to play dressup with the girls on Monday…not that they had to beg very much 🙂