Today is 60+ degrees.

Today is bright with sunshine.

Today the hills are sparkling with streams of water from melting snow that is just about gone.

Today the creek is rushing through the pasture.

Today I swung the barn doors open wide.

Today I rushed them through math, grammar, reading, spelling and history so I could send them outside to soak up sunshine, fresh air and spontaneous laughter.

Today’s science lesson involves mud pies, sticks, streams, pine cones, mud, blue skies, mud, warm breezes and did I say mud?

Today I emphatically said, “No. It is not warm enough to go barefoot in the crick.”

Today I looked the other way when they waded into the creek wearing rubber boots.

Today I hung laundry on my forlorn clothesline. I heard it sigh with pleasure.

Today my chickens are happily roaming around the yard, leaving nothing unturned.

Today I mentally marked 4,592 tree limbs that need trimming.

Today I gathered trash, tractors, sleds, one rug, a lead rope and four buckets from the porch, yard and sidewalk. Snow hides so many flaws.

Today I stood at the top of the hill and made a 360-degree spin in the sunshine.

Today I dropped the winter blahs and smiled in the sun.

And now I’m going to go wash some windows …

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