Frozen, frigid and frosted


Spring is on its way … I think.

I really couldn’t say since it’s been in the low teens for the last few mornings. When I awoke it was 12 degrees. January weather just in time for April to roll around. Funny thing … as I look at the window now — with brilliant sunshine flooding grass that started to green during last week’s rain — I’d swear it was downright balmy. It looks warm.

After putting more wood on the fire Farmguy came in and said,

“This is getting ridiculous. Even I’m tired of the cold, now!”

The apple trees are nowhere near ready to bloom. Spring blossoms are on their way, though. Everything is waiting for the remains of winter to pack up and ship out. These photos were taken at the end of April 2010. Aren’t they cheery?

By the end of the summer those sweet, gentle blossoms will aspire to something a little more magnificent and a lot tastier … something like this giant …

Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.

We’re back at the beginning.

Hang on to your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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    Robyn March 29, 2011 (7:28 am)

    I hope spring is just around the corner. We have not dipped down into the teens with this storm. I was looking at picts from last April, May and June. Green grass, sun and warmth, they give me a little more hope that spring’s beauty is on its way.
    I do have to admit I am not ready to start mowing the yard yet.