Grandma’s new drawers

A house, repurposed. The wallpapering is finished … the crown molding in place. Then we moved this big boy into the space. Grandma’s kitchen looks fantastic. It’s charming and old-fashioned and still retains her style (minus a couple of apple switch plate covers).

I moved these books from her shelves to the top of the dresser for a reason.

The tallest one is entitled, The Ladies of the Club. Grandma was a member of a ladies’ club. She and her friends used to meet at their houses for lunches served on little glass plates with a ring for the punch cup. Those dishes are still in her cupboard.

Grandpa used to call it Giggle Club. We’re thinking of resuming giggle club — family-style. The men around here get together to play pool or go hunting or some such nonsense. I think my aunt, mom, sister-in-law and sisters should start a girls’ night card club.

Who knows if we’ll get around to playing cards, but we will giggle. Probably argue about something. And we will most definitely eat. You can’t have a get-together around here without chocolate or at the very least, M&Ms.

And Grandma will be there too, of course. I dug these photos out of the closet and hung ’em up. Seems fitting in this new little space in a cozy little house that harbored many gatherings and laughs and lovely times. Don’t worry … grandpa will be here as well. We’re planning to enlarge a bunch of black and whites taken around the farm and hang those on the wall, too.

It’ll be a memorial of sorts. A remembrance wall. A place to surround all the little great-grandchildren with loving memories … ones they weren’t a part of, but that they’ll remember because we told them the stories.

And of course it’ll be a place for everyone to giggle.

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    Sal April 21, 2011 (7:56 am)

    Hadn’t heard it called the Giggle Club; the son of one of those SMRW club members told us his family called it the “Sit and Spit” club. I like the Giggle Club name better. One member of the club is still living, you know! She might like to see your photos. I never asked my mother in law what those initials stood for but think it was last names of original group.

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    Laurie April 21, 2011 (7:11 pm)

    I was told that the SWRM club was “Smart Women Rule Men” but it did stand for the first initial of the last name of its members. I think they would love the idea that their club was having a resurgance!

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    Sal April 21, 2011 (8:41 pm)

    I agree. Am sure this generation of the Giggle Club would please the first.

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    Jeanie April 21, 2011 (9:47 pm)

    I remember laying in bed and hearing the talk and laughing until VERY late at night! I remember no programs or organization but lots of gossip and eats.