2 posts from day 27/04/2011

Wild life in snapshots

You see the resemblance, don't you? The kids were very excited when we spotted Jay Jay the Jet Plane overhead. They were so enthralled by spring blossoms that I stopped so my budding photographer could snap a photo. There's nothing like a tree-lined drive ... and just wait until those beauties mature. Gorgeous! Speaking of interesting photographs ... Here's one. Mary Poppins (the sitter) and the kids saved the day for this little fellow on Monday. Reports confirm one ... Continue Reading

Oops they did it again

I'm like a fish out of water. Some of you may remember the great crash of 2010 ... when my Internet connection headed south for a whole week ... leaving me high and dry and destined to spend hours at the library checking e-mails and cursing Verizon. I haven't been to the library yet but I'm thinking about it. Houston, we have ANOTHER problem. On the bright side, though, I now have a smart phone ... smarter than me. I can post. Sort of. My phone is beginning to protest and text-typ... Continue Reading