2 posts from day 05/05/2011

The thing about rain

... is that it makes sunny days brighter. Weeks of rain make blue skies more pronounced and puffy clouds more intriguing. You know ... absence makes the heart grow fonder.   So we open our eyes wider ... search harder for the little things. We open wide to absorb the bright warmth. We marvel at everyday miracles and seasonal splendor. And we rejoice in the bounty to come. Apple blossom blessings. Continue Reading

Birthday Bait Shop

It's amazing how a pile of gummy worms, Swedish fish and plastic bobbers can excite a bunch of kids (and adults). The bait shop birthday party theme was a smashing success. We really reeled in the smiles! I even tried my hand at cake decorating ... I figure anything covered in M&Ms is bound to be acceptable, eaten and enjoyed. Right? They seemed to think so. Pin the hook on the fish was fun, but I'm still on the fence about the Origami Fish. It was a neat idea, ... Continue Reading