Monkey business

Ever have a day when everything seems upside down? A day that has you standing on your head doing tricks to please the masses? Today was one of those days. Crazy, I tell ya.


It left me worn out, tired and mentally exhausted.

Pooped and panting with my tongue hangin’ out.


The day eventually came to a close. I turned off, tuned out and took off into the back yard with the hooligans, the dog and the man who puts up with me. A fire makes everything better, right?

A fire melts things … turns them gooey and sweet.

And it did.

By the time I finished my fire-roasted frankfurter I felt happy and relaxed. A toasted marshmallow turned me right side up. All was right with the world again. I was able to grin and giggle and sigh in relief.

And I didn’t mind a bit that my son didn’t dress for dinner.

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    Kaye Sitterud May 12, 2011 (7:39 am)

    I think I was in your backyard with you. Sounds like my kind of fun. I’ve had a few of those days when everything seems to be tipped upside down. A fire & marshmellow goo always makes things better, no matter where you are at. Have fun in the back yard!