Doggie beg

The house smelled delightful all day. It was enough to make your mouth water. Some waited around with faithful intensity. No matter how long, he planned to be there for a bite of whatever was emitting that tantalizing aroma.

It took about 4 hours. And yes … Cash got a bite of Farmguy’s brisket.

Patience like that should be rewarded.

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    Robyn May 16, 2011 (1:02 pm)

    Yum Brisket! A favorite at our house also.
    If you like chili or asian chili sauce you will have to check out my blog on Wendenday. I made ribs!

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    Mary Poppins May 16, 2011 (3:03 pm)

    The girls just read your post…they are not happy about Cash getting a bite of brisket when they didn’t!!