High water, house love

Guess what?

If you guessed it was raining again this morning, you are correct. I packed the kids in the car and headed out. We met up with some other cabin fevered ladies and set sail for higher ground and colorful greenhouses. All the world is a pale, water-logged green but soon my patio will be bursting with color. At least that was the plan.

After crossing what has become standard practice around these parts, we headed to a newly-opened greenhouse/antique shop.

I bought more impatiens.

And the sweetest little red dresser ever. I’m going to put it in my living room because it matches the throw pillows.

But that wasn’t the best part.

This was …

A lovely stone house. Reservation for one, please.
Alas … the owner didn’t want to babysit my children or let me sit on her porch drinking tea, so I had to load everyone in the car and drive away. I’m pretty sure a tear slipped down my cheek. I love houses. 

A bit further down the road we passed this lovely lady from yesteryear.

Obviously the old girl has some issues. Don’t hold it against her. Look at her window trim and her cute little porch. Wood siding … porch swing … resident goose … American flag. What more could you ask for from a seasoned farmhouse? I think she’s beautiful, or could be.

We drove on down the road until the vehicle in front of ours stopped. My sister leaned out the window and hollered, “Can you take a picture of that house for me?”

What house?! I hadn’t seen a house. We were driving down a gravel road through the woods and I didn’t see a house. “Back up!” she said.

I did.

I obviously hadn’t been paying attention.

Somehow I missed this one.



Do you think they know how many rocks are stacked there? What a beautiful place!

It was such an interesting drive … three distinctly different homes, each beautiful in their own unique way. I love finding the unexpected! And speaking of unexpected, the sun suddenly appeared during our drive.

Glory be!

We headed for home. The kids and I planted a flat of purple petunias at the end of the driveway and then — wonder of wonders — got all of the garden boxes planted. Hopefully the sun will shine for a couple of days.

Blue sky peeping through the grouchy gray clouds is something to behold.

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  • comment-avatar
    mothergoose May 19, 2011 (4:42 pm)

    Its pretty hilarious…I loved all three of these houses too! I have the perfect spot in mind for that last one!

  • comment-avatar
    Sue May 19, 2011 (5:37 pm)

    I’ve always loved stone houses. I live in one of cobblestones, but I love the limestone ones just as much. Those are some beautiful homes you got to see.
    Hope the sun shines soon for you!