For when it’s too hot for chicken soup

Chicken soup is the remedy for every illness, malady and affliction.

But not in summer.

Few things have the power to make sick people feel better in June, July and August. I’d limit the list to a cool cloth on the forehead and a Popsicle. No one wants a steaming bowl of soup on a 90-degree day in July, at least not a normal person.

The kids and I stumbled onto the perfect hot-weather cure for most ailments (excluding stomach flu, of course). Our cure-all begins with bright colors …

And ends with something sweet and homemade and stirred with an extra dollop of love.

Tis the season, you know.

And surely this would make anyone happy.

Freshly baked shortcakes with sweet strawberries and whipped cream. Milk optional. It’s a bowl of summer cheer. One time I completely shocked my kids by serving strawberry shortcake for breakfast. They’ve never forgotten it.

Know what you need for shortcake perfection? I’ve tried many, many recipes. Truthfully, the best recipe — the cakes that always earn rave reviews around here — are made with Jiffy baking mix. The recipe is on the back of the box. I don’t even roll them out or use a biscuit/cookie cutter as suggested. I just put spoonfuls of dough on a cookie sheet, sprinkle with sugar and bake as directed.

They’re yummy. People around here have been known to eat them plain. 

And I’m absolutely positive strawberry shortcake is the ideal summertime alternative to chicken soup.

It’s good for the soul …

P.S. The Jiffy people did not pay me to tell you how wonderful their mix is. They don’t know me. Wait! I take that back. Several years ago I visited their website and requested a free recipe book. It was such a short affair, though, I’m sure our relationship is ancient history.

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