Do what you need to do

Yes, for real. In Wooster, Ohio.

I can’t claim credit for this photo — it was shared by a guy at work. As soon as I saw it, though, I knew I had to share it with you. It’s clip-cloppity perfection. This is the kind of thing that makes me smile, gives me hope and makes me feel good. This shows me that some people still make do … do what they have to do … with a sense of humor.

That’s why I love the totally ridiculous.It reminds us to lighten up and laugh out loud — instead of allowing abbreviations like “lol” to do it for us!

And I love this tree. It’s shape, the size, the shade it offers to the cattle on the hill. This is the tree I look to for the changing of the seasons, the strength of the wind during a storm. It just seemed right to photograph it on the first day of summer. Yesterday, in case you’re wondering.



Oh, and dill. I love dill. Dill pickles are tasty, sure. But have you ever added a handful of freshly chopped dill to a bowl of buttery sweet corn kernels? Try it! Obviously fresh sweet corn is highly recommended, but since it’s not in season around here I served up last summer’s frozen corn. A little butter, salt and pepper is standard. And then we threw in some dill. Yum!


I love summer storms. Last night’s appeared to be quite fierce, somewhere. At our place we enjoyed a good soaking and a spectacular lightning show in the sky to the north. It looked like fireworks.

Fence rows. Blue skies. Puffy clouds.

Yes, summer is here. We’re shuttling the kids to special summer activities … preparing animals and 4-H projects for the county fair. Enjoying a few bonfires and hot dog roasts. Thinking about Independence Day, fireworks, fun and games, and family and friends.

Busy. Beautiful. Midsummer dreaming.

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