Hoppin’ down the bunny trail

The shows must go on, even if it’s 100+ degrees in the barns.

The girls got to assist during the rabbit show. One of their friends — sporting a blond braid there on the left — had several rabbits to show at one time. She asked for helpers. You don’t have to ask twice around here for something like that!

I don’t know the rules for rabbit shows. They did tell me you have to put the rabbit on the table, push his bottom and his front so he seems compact while sitting, and then fluff up his tail. Then you slowly massage his ears so he sits nice and still.

Any rabbit showmen reading this? Please feel free to explain the ins and outs.

See those two in the white coats? They’re wiping sweat … it drips from brows, foreheads, noses and chins. The “real feel” yesterday afternoon was 110. There’s a steady breeze but it doesn’t help much. It’s like opening the oven door and feeling the heat rushing at your face.

Gloom, despair and agony on me.

The heat got to the kids yesterday. Oldest daughter overheated and up-chucked. She’s ok now, though. And we’ll be doing things a bit differently today … everyone is going to park it in the barn in the afternoon. No running around in the sun — even if I have to tie them to a chair.

Their friend the rabbit show girl? She did a wonderful job!

So now — on top of hogs and heifers and “Please can I show a goat and chickens next year?'” I’m hearing, “I think I want to show rabbits!”

That comment came after youngest daughter tried to convince me she needed to buy the purple show stick for her steer … that she plans to convince Papa she needs for next year.

As they say, all’s fair

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