3 posts from day 26/07/2011

In a pickle

I may be overrun by zukes, but the cukes are now under control. With a little help from my grown-up girl, we pulled ourselves out of a pickle ... 50 very large pickles to be exact. I purchased a "pickling basket" at a 4-H auction. My own pickle plant was plentifully producing as well. Time to process plenty of pickles for the pantry. Don't you just love alliteration? I've never made pickles before. It's pretty simple! I just followed a recipe from Mrs. Wages for Homestyle ... Continue Reading

The easiest meat & potatoes meal ever

For days when you're busy, overwhelmed, overworked and worn out ... or if it's too hot in the kitchen for the stove and oven ... Easiest-ever Meat & Potatoes Step 1: Spray a Crock-Pot with non-stick cooking spray. Plug it in and turn it on Low. Step 2: Wash and quarter enough red and/or Yukon Gold potatoes to feed your family. Dump them in the Crock-Pot. Add half a bag of baby carrots and any other vegetables you feel like eating. Sprinkle with Montreal Steak Seasoning. ... Continue Reading

Chicken dancin’ the night away

Swing your partner round and round ... There's a barn dance on Saturday night of the county fair. Every year young, old and in-betweens head down to the metal barn for a rip-roaring good time in the sawdust. Can't dance? No problem. Don't know how to allemande left? No worries — someone will grab you and spin you in the right direction.      You're lookin' at the dancing queens. After a hearty meal of pizza and only-because-it's-the-last-night-of-the-fair ... Continue Reading