Gettin’ our groove on

Last Saturday we boarded a ferry on Ohio’s North Coast and headed across Lake Erie to Kelleys Island. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. While other passengers admired the views and the sailboats and the lighthouse, my kids got excited because they spotted a dead fish floating on the waves. Dead fish afloat became the game … the little weirdos. 

Our fellow passengers included several coworkers. This was a company-sponsored excursion — the annual Family Fun Day outing. And it truly was loads of fun!


As you can see, little brother is ready for some sun, sand and adventure. He’s still not convinced Lake Erie isn’t the ocean.

The ferry ride took about 20 minutes. Looking back at the Ohio coastline on the left, you can almost make out the roller coasters and rides at Cedar Point.

I was more interested in the view on Kelleys Island. There are condos and cottages and recent construction tucked here and there all over, but many of the original homes remain. Kelleys Island was once brimming with commercial fisherman, quarrymen and grape growers.

The downtown area is thriving with golf carts and tourists this time of year. There’s a post office, several churches and an elementary school. About 125 people reside here year-round. It sounds so intriguing. I spent a good part of the day imagining what it would be like to live on the island, shop in the general store, stock up on supplies and travel an ice road to the mainland (weather permitting) in winter.

This is one of the views I wanted to share with the kids. The Glacial Grooves — you can read more about them by clicking here.

They’re really quite fascinating. I admit to wishing — along with the kids — that we could hop the fence and climb on these rock trails.

After gettin’ groovy, we headed back into town — me mentally choosing which little white cottages and stone houses I’d like to live in, the girls admiring pink bicycles and customized golf carts, and the boys — discussing lunch.

After face painting and family photos and a company picnic, we set out on new adventures. The boys put up with a bit of window shopping and then it was off to do some hiking.

And that’s a story for another post!

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