2 posts from day 25/08/2011

With this ring

I had to promise to close my eyes — he had a big surprise for me. Then he placed it in my hand and yelled, "Open your eyes, Mom!" More priceless than precious gems. A ring weaved from burrs by my five year-old. "Try it on!" he screeched. I'd never be hired as a hand model, but I felt like a movie star in the glare of the bright lights of his smile. "It fits!" he proudly proclaimed. And then he disappeared ... back outside in search of dirt or mud or sticks or ... burs. ... Continue Reading

Learning curve

A picture is worth a thousand words, at least. No one can tell us what those words are, but we can share common ground. Therefore I offer this ... We have only one chance to raise our children. We must do it with determination and confidence, courage and loyalty. When we see injustice we must rage against the machine. When we fear for their peace of mind we must protect without remorse. We must Be their advocate. Be their guide. No one and nothing else. Continue Reading