With this ring

I had to promise to close my eyes — he had a big surprise for me. Then he placed it in my hand and yelled, “Open your eyes, Mom!”

More priceless than precious gems. A ring weaved from burrs by my five year-old.

“Try it on!” he screeched.

I’d never be hired as a hand model, but I felt like a movie star in the glare of the bright lights of his smile. “It fits!” he proudly proclaimed.

And then he disappeared … back outside in search of dirt or mud or sticks or … burs. But he thinks of me when he finds them, and that’s true love.

Enjoy the weekend, friends. I wish you countless treasures, endless affection from special people, and smiles the size of a pasture full of cockleburs.

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    Nashville August 26, 2011 (5:24 am)

    Aww…such a sweet little farmboy! You are one blessed mama! 😉