Woods, water and wildlife

It’s been a busy week. We celebrated the world around us and the people we cherish. We found our focus, calmed ourselves after the frantic pace of a busy summer and prepared to learn and discover together. It’s become a tradition. Before we begin the busiest time of our year we head into the woods to see what we can see and do what we do.

We press ‘pause’ for a few days.

It’s all about woods … water …

… and dead porcupines.

Just kidding.

Sometimes we leave the woods and the water and the wildlife. And then I see ‘could be beautiful’ old houses that happen to be for sale and I daydream about fixing them up and restoring their beauty and Farmguy says, “Oh, absolutely. As soon as you win the lottery.”

And I pretend to pout for a bit until he pulls into an out-of-the-way antique store in the middle of the forest. I purchase a 25-pound, two thousand-page dictionary that’s about 100 years old. It cost $6. And he sighs, shakes his head in disbelief and drives us back to our hidey hole in the woods.

But that doesn’t happen often. Mostly we just enjoy the trees and the mountains and the rocks and the trout.

Hope you had a good week!

More details to come …

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    Georgia Peach September 2, 2011 (10:12 am)

    My kids were reading the dictionary the other day and cracking up. 🙂 My “current” dream house in Ohio is too far gone to fix up so we’ve given up on that one. 🙂 I would give anything to be closer so we could get one to fix up. That house in the picture is screaming for someone to love it.