A lesson in letting go

On Sunday afternoon I found confirmation … the redecorating has begun.

Ripened apples confirm it.

He’s found confirmation, too — walnuts.

I couldn’t figure out what was keeping him so busy when we returned from church. He didn’t want to come inside, didn’t want to change his clothes, didn’t want me or his siblings or any direction. He was intent on an idea. I could practically see it brewing in his boyish brain. 

A-ha! Of course. Why didn’t I think of that? By the way … in a pinch, a stick makes an excellent hitch pin.

And because you’re balancing in bare feet on rolling walnuts, that doesn’t mean you’re going to do a face plant inside a dump truck and break your teeth.

No matter what your mother screeches.

You just have to let it go … throw caution to the wind … toss your cares aside … go with the flow.


And after conquering small hills, it’s time for the big ones. “Watch me, Mom! This is gonna be AWESOME!”

And so it was. With the beginnings of changing leaves overhead and the brilliance of goldenrod all around. Also, a mother who smothered her screech this time. Instead she said a prayer, tossed away her urge to care and laughed right along with him.

And it was good. 

Deep breath … exhale … let it go. Just … dump it.

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    Becky September 19, 2011 (7:24 pm)

    Isn’t that the hardest–I feel like i say, “you’re going to fall on your head!” a million times a day:) Such a challenge between letting them go and not wanting them to fall…sigh…