2 posts from day 28/09/2011

Top 50 is nifty

The e-mail said: Hi Jennifer, My name is Charles and I wanted to let you know that Farmgirl Follies was selected to our list of Top 50 Farm Blogs based on recommendations from other farm bloggers and because we think your blog provides great content for people interested in farming. You can read our review of your blog and see the list at http://www.seametrics.com/blog/top-farm-blogs/ How cool! I am humbled, honored and excited to be in the company of so many fabulous bloggers! ... Continue Reading

An affair to remember

I'm just going to warn you now ... I've had an epiphany and I feel like waxing poetic about it. It's marvelous, satisfying and refreshing. Are you ready? I had my carpet cleaned. I know. It's not the most interesting thing to write about. You've probably had your carpets cleaned, too. But I'm in a state of euphoria over the state of affairs in my living room. Want to know why? Good. I'll tell you! It all began when I started removing furniture from the room. Oh, and toys. And ... ... Continue Reading