Top 50 is nifty

The e-mail said:

Hi Jennifer,
My name is Charles and I wanted to let you know that Farmgirl Follies was selected to our list of Top 50 Farm Blogs based on recommendations from other farm bloggers and because we think your blog provides great content for people interested in farming. You can read our review of your blog and see the list at

How cool! I am humbled, honored and excited to be in the company of so many fabulous bloggers!

Please click on the link above to meet bloggers from across the country who have a passion for agriculture.
And many thanks, Seametrics!

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  • comment-avatar
    Becky September 28, 2011 (10:46 pm)

    Kudos to you–well-deserved:)

  • comment-avatar
    Susan September 29, 2011 (5:31 am)

    Very cool! Congrats!

  • comment-avatar
    mothergoose September 29, 2011 (6:33 am)

    Awesome! I have to admit I’ve never read any of the others but I need to check them out!

  • comment-avatar
    Nancy September 29, 2011 (9:05 am)

    Congrats! 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    Weekend Cowgirl September 29, 2011 (3:43 pm)


  • comment-avatar
    Nanny September 29, 2011 (10:29 pm)

    WOW! I’m impressed! and also think it is a well deserved award!

  • comment-avatar
    Nashville October 1, 2011 (10:33 pm)

    Congratulations! Absolutely wonderful. Now if only you would get started on your book! LOL