Falling for Autumn

It has begun. Days of rain have subsided, replaced with crisp, cool nights and warm, sunny days. The leaves change outfits faster than I can fold a load of laundry. Pumpkins glow brilliant on my front porch steps. Squirrels and bees scurry and buzz, determined to stock up for the approaching cold.

Fall arrives with the calendar, but I also see it knocking with the slow browning of landscape. The caramel apples my sister makes. The multi-colored corn for sale at the market. And the start of our homeschool co-op classes.

Today’s the day. We’ll hurry to finish our work then drive some miles to participate in biology, art and theater classes. Then it’s a hop, skip and jump to the girls’ weekly archery lesson. I participated last week … attempting to sharpen my skills and receive a bit of expert advice from John, their instructor. He gave, I listened and employed.

And then I started talking … while taking aim … and I screwed up big time.

This week I’m just going to watch. Be a silent partner in this whole business.

Autumn is a good time for watching, waiting and listening. You’ll be amazed at what you can see and hear and observe if you just …

Stop. Look. Listen.

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    Mary Poppins October 6, 2011 (8:14 am)

    The leaves look nice changing colors…not so much your arm though…Ouch!!