Man cave on canvas

I’ve been thinking about Christmas presents. I’m not a gift card kind of gal. I like to think about the person — who they are, their interests, personalities and the experiences I’ve had with them. I try to give gifts that say ‘you’re special, you’ve touched my heart in some way and I want you to know it because you’re a blessing to me’. Sometimes it’s a tall order. Sometimes it backfires. Sometimes a gift card is exactly what they wanted and needed, not what I offered. But still I search, sometimes to no avail, for the perfect love offering.

This year, I think I’ve found an ideal solution to the annual question:
What do I get my beloved for Christmas?

No. I didn’t get him a cannon. He’d love it, but no. Sorry.

Farmguy enjoyed our trip to Gettysburg … immensely. He continues to talk about the experience, the history and the strategies employed by the generals. We watched Gettysburg over the weekend. He constantly paused the movie to explain where the fighting was occurring in reference to the places we visited on our trip. He’s also reading Killer Angels.

To make a long story short, I’m giving him the gift of viewpoint. I’ve selected the two photos in this post to be turned into canvas art. For Father’s Day this year the kids and I turned a small area of our home into his “gun room” — I think these Gettysburg scenes will look right nice on the walls. It’s a man cave — but a very, very small man cave, and it badly needs a view.

The folks at Easy Canvas Prints are making it happen. I can’t wait to show you the finished product. And hey! Maybe someone you know needs fresh perspective on their walls. Visit EasyCanvasPrints for a little inspiration!

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