Spring into December

It was a warm spring day … horses grazed, calves cavorted and puffy white clouds passed swiftly through blue sky. Bright green grass stretched toward sunbeams. A warm breeze carried the scent of saturated earth and …

Wrong. Completely.

It looks like early May … but it’s today. On Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2011 the sun shines between rain showers, clouds race on a blue course and the grass really is spring green. It’s 61 degrees. It smells and looks and feels like spring, except it’s not. It’s three and a half weeks until Christmas.

There are puddles outside my back door, currently being jumped in by a boy in rubber boots. He’s not wearing a jacket or hat or mittens because it’s warm and sunny and feels like an ‘April showers bring May flowers’ kind of day. (Bonus points if you can tell what’s reflected in my puddle!)

‘They say’ snow is coming; ‘they’ may be right. But today there are earthworms in the dirt and mud in the driveway. There are playful puddles and a pesky fly buzzing around my house. I don’t feel much like baking Christmas cookies … or stringing up the lights … or singing carols.

Check back tomorrow, though. This is Ohio.

Tomorrow I’ll probably be complaining about the blizzard.

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    Melissa Wells November 29, 2011 (6:11 pm)

    Weather was most def interesting to say the least.. not even sure how to dress anymore.. working on my webbed feet though!!! I am gonna make a guess on the reflection and say a flag.. thinking I see stripes!