Sweets, treats and holiday eats

Dashing through the [non-existent] snow, in a car full o’ kids yelling ‘hey!’
Over the fields we go, laughing all the way …

Back door bells they ring, making spirits bright
What fun it is to frost and dip candies through the night!

Ooooooohhhh jingle bells, chocolate smells are wafting through the house
Children eat the chocolate treats and mommies say no mooooore ….

We used a lot of chocolate to make a whole lotta goodies. And the house was filled with moms and daughters, sister-in-laws, aunts and cousins, kids and friends. Each year my sister hosts a candy-making party. And for the first time, my other sister was in attendance. We dipped, stirred, sprinkled and dipped some more.

Mmmm. Buckeyes. Yum!

We made a variety of sweet treats. And at the end of the night we divide ’em up and take home various little packages of chocolate goodies. It’s a fun time and a tasty tradition!

Big smiles. It’s been awhile since my sister and her sweet daughter joined our chaos!

Many hands make light work, you know!

Candy, chocolate, big dippers and general mayhem.

Guitar lessons, race car gaming addictions and more.

It’s all good.

What are your family Christmas traditions?

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