How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if he’s on the phone

We did a lot of this over the weekend … wrangle kids and eat. A lot. We ate a lot.

We also stopped by Twigg Winery for a sip of Christmas cheer. And I answered the phone a lot … it was my five year-old calling from the woods. After an hour he was a bit bored. Farmguy cut wood, my son made phone calls from the bed of the truck. It worked out well.

The girls and I felt obliged to help unload and stack the wood upon their return. After all, we planned to sit around in our pajama pants, eat popcorn and watch McLeod’s Daughters for the rest of the afternoon. (We were still in our sugar comas from the night before!)

Speaking of Friday’s chocoholics anonymous get-together, I had a question about this photo:

It’s a wedge of Laughing Cow creamy Swiss cheese, two mini pretzels, two mini chocolate chips and a cinnamon candy. You could also use¬†chopped olives for the eyes and a bit of pimento for the nose. Isn’t she clever?

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    Beth December 12, 2011 (1:36 pm)

    I love McLeod’s Daughters! I watched all seasons on Netflix. Great chioce!