Baby Jesus and the world wide web

Stop and consider the reason for this Christmas season. A child born … the great I AM. The one who came to bring hope and joy, forgiveness and the promise of heaven to the world. A humble babe, born in a barn filled with animals, laid in a lowly manger, wrapped in rags.

The light of heaven come down.

Imagine His tiny voice crying out in the darkness. Did onlookers smile? Laugh? Fall to their knees in rejoicing? What was it like? What did they do? I’ll tell you what I would have done.

I would have grabbed my iPhone and recorded those first, perfect cries to savor forever; to remember and behold and relish. I probably would have shared them on my facebook page, showcased them on my blog and tweeted the happy news to my followers. Mary wasn’t up on the latest electronics, however. And Joseph wasn’t a computer guru or information systems expert. They did what they could — lingered in the barn while the Holy Spirit, a bright star and a heavenly host of angels took care of the rest.

Word gets around no matter who you are or when you were born. And that baby who turned into a little boy, Jesus, didn’t have access to cell phones and notebooks and a laptop computer. There’s no doubt, though, that Jesus had access to the world wide web. His words were quoted and recorded and shared in that most powerful of all notebooks, The Holy Bible.

And hey, I think it’s even downloadable to your Kindle these days!

We consider ourselves to be technologically advanced. Think again, folks. Watch a couple of videos and make a few calls on your smart phone and it’s time to recharge. Stormy weather disables our satellite connections and too many people on a site can crash our servers. We’re talking, but not connecting. We’re sharing messages but never looking each other in the eye. Back then … back when Jesus was a baby … the angels simply appeared, the trumpet of the Lord could be heard round the world, and the greatest navigators were those who looked up — not down at their own hands in the hopes of finding information fast on their mobile device. Back then …

Hark, the herald angels sing and everybody knows your name. Cheers!

My advice? Turn it all off. Fold your hands and simply. look. up. Embrace silence. Ponder the thoughts swirling in your head — the ones overshadowed by a constant crisis of information overload from every direction. Come, sit a spell and drink from a refreshing glass of ‘alone with my thoughts’.

Who knows. Maybe you’ll hear voices.

And if you’re sitting alone late into the night (in your stable or living room) and you hear the voice of a young boy singing in his sleep … it really is okay to grab your iPhone and record his voice. Mary would have if she could have.

I heard my son singing in his sleep. It was about 1 a.m. Thanks to the world wide web, it’s bound to be a song heard round the world!

Click the Turkey Song to hear what came upon a midnight clear in our house!

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