School daze

The last long haul. That’s what January feels like to me. We took some time off over the holidays and I reorganized and cleared clutter from our “school room” in the basement.

January is the saving grace of our educational schedule. I’ve talked us into feeling it’s a fresh start for the new year. We’re energized and ready to learn even more. By March we’ll all catch a bit of spring fever. The doldrums will probably set in and we’ll wish for carefree summer days. I hold on tightly to January. It’s the jump start we need to reach the finish line.

What are we doing? Memorizing states and capitals, studying time zones and equations. Practicing long division. Some of us are learning to read. It’s exciting stuff.

We quiz with spelling words and travel along with the early explorers.

Biology is unbelievably fun and learning about the world’s great inventions is intriguing.

Did you know Band-Aids were created in the U.S. by a man named Earle who worked for Johnson & Johnson? His wife who was always cutting herself in the kitchen and he needed a solution. Know what else? The Chinese invented “sun glasses” more than 2,000 years ago. I know … cool!

It’s been a great school year thus far, with lots of fun and creativity thrown into the mix. It’s a different world down in the basement … a colorful, character-strengthening, inquisitive world.

It refreshes my soul.

Speaking of colorful and refreshing … never underestimate the cozy comforts of a worn-out old chair, a brightly-knitted afghan from the thrift store and a turquoise lamp from Goodwill. That purple throw there on the chair is technically a handmade prayer shawl (at least that’s what I read on the tag at the Goodwill). I have been known to utter a few prayers for patience while wrapped in it, but mostly it’s there for kids who sprawl on the furniture or get chilled on the floor.

The best books can only be enjoyed in happy, carefree comfort, you know. So if you want to study or read whilst wrapped in your new green sleeping bag, so be it. If you want to crawl under your bed to read in silence, fine. If you choose to sit under a table and read aloud, go for it. The only rules around here are have funlearn much and ask lots and lots of questions.

Well, there are other rules, too, I admit it. Mostly as they apply to five year-old boys and rambunctious dogs. But that’s the hard stuff. I like to leave those kinds of things up to the principal … and he can be persuaded with a good meal or a homemade dessert! But I digress.

Thanks to a reader for asking “What’s up?” in our home school. Anyone else have a question? Feel free to leave a comment or send an e-mail. I’ll do my best to answer it!

Now … go learn something new!

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    Melanie at Country Cottage Living January 14, 2012 (10:06 pm)

    Looks like a bright and cheerful room to do schoolwork! Wish I had the patience for homeschooling! Good for you!