Making things crystal clear

We’re growing our very own crystals in jars. They appear like magic and sparkle like diamonds. You’ll need a jar, pencil or stick, string and Borax. Also some food coloring if you want. Oh, and boiling water.

Fill a jar with boiling water. Spoon in Borax powder one tablespoon at a time and stir to dissolve. Keep adding the Borax until the water is so saturated the powder will no longer dissolve. Add a couple drops of food coloring if you like.

Create various shapes (we made snowflakes and hearts) out of pipe cleaners. Be sure your creations aren’t bigger than the openings in your jars. Tie string or yarn to the pipe cleaner shapes and the other end to a stick or pencil to lay over the top. Immerse pipe cleaner creation into the jar. You don’t want it to touch the bottom.

In 24 hours you will have crystal creations … or in the case of my 11 year-old: a diamond ring of your very own.

She was extremely disappointed it no longer fit on her finger!

You could make hearts for Valentine’s Day or snowflakes to hang like garland across a window — be creative. Just a fun and cool project the kids will enjoy. This would also be a great way for kids to make handmade Christmas ornaments as gifts!

And it’s also a great science lesson for curious and cantankerous little boys.

Happy Friday!

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