2 posts from day 28/02/2012

The steering committee

I've been talking a lot about my trip ... food ... chefs ... the beach. Perhaps that's why this silly little video of my kids seems so enchanting. This is the kind of thing that truly makes me happy, fills me with joy and makes me smile. It's quiet and simple and sweet. And after the mad whirlwind of a weekend in another reality, it makes me go "Aaaaaahhhhhhh." Continue Reading

Food and fun at Fontainebleau

I found myself gazing up at the sparkling, crystal chandeliers of the Fontainebleau Miami Beach ballroom last Friday night. They mesmerized me with a heavy cascade of icicle-like strands — the perfect complement to a festive evening overflowing with indulgence. We spent most of the day here, setting up a food station for our chefs and arranging a table for the signature steer. Then we grabbed a cab and rushed back to our hotel. I changed into a flowy little black number with a ... Continue Reading