Hiding in the woods on Mother’s Day

Serenity … quiet … peace … it’s been calling to me for a few weeks, now. No computer. No cell phone. No facebook or Twitter or website or blogs or laundry or … whatever.  We’re all in need of some quiet time without [much] outside interference. A pilgrimage — usually one in spring and one in fall — restores my sanity and calms my heart and soul.

So I packed ’em up …

… and he battled with cumbersome belongings.

We set out in search of brilliant blues and greens, and a rushing river and an icy creek.

And they played …

… and he relaxed — content with reading material, late-afternoon sunshine and a crackling fire in the shade of a forest by river’s edge.

They made their own meals.

And we explored meandering roads and stopped for an impromptu picnic.

There was time to do nothing in particular or whatever occurred to us in the moment.

And when we departed on a sunny Mother’s Day morning, everyone was smiling.

And when they’re happy, I’m happy.

As least until I’m out of the woods and into the mountains … of laundry.

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    rebekah May 14, 2012 (9:52 am)

    Ahhh! This makes me happy too! :+)