They found a whatsit

What do you get when you cross a plant and an animal living in a lake?

A moss animal, of course! More specifically, it’s a Pectinatella magnifica (though it took us awhile to figure that out!). The kids found it while we were dipping our toes in a lake on a hot afternoon. We were out Sunday driving, had some ice cream and then meandered to a public lake. The kids played on the boat launch ramp for awhile and then they saw this thing stuck to the side of the dock.

We were intrigued to say the least. It felt like wet Jello — smooth and slimy, but lumpy, too. Turns out all of those little broccoli-like things extend into the water to catch nutrients. When the kids came near they receded beneath the protective jelly-like cover. We thought it was very, very cool … and if you’re intrigued you can read more, here.

P. magnifica was a wonderful way to start the week …

… I hope you make a few discoveries of your own today.

Happy Monday!

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