What we remember most

mandolin and guitar

These days we are knee-deep in family and friends and memory making.

We enjoy pleasant duets from budding instrumentalists …

black lab, yellow lab

… summer lovin’ from family members and caretakers.

We delight in the flavorful bounty of summer’s golden harvest …

sweet corn on the cob

… and agree with a boy who emphatically states that his corn tastes “sweet as candy!”

Oh … we have heated, dreary moments, too. Days when we’re hot and bothered and cranky and prone to conniption fits.¬†These days often leave us wilted and hot under the collar and feeling a bit woe-is-me.

wilted coneflowers

The heat.

The incessant sunshine.

The lack of rain to quench the growing thirst of the parched and yellowed and brittle.

yellow hayfield

Storm clouds and haze and lightning pay the occasional visit.

Sprinkles add insult to injury.

But peace clings to the hope that lives and the faith that promises refreshment.

And instead of focusing on what ifs and why nots, we gather to enjoy the here, now and always will be. We take care to treasure and remember so that some day we can look back and sing the tunes of Long, Long Ago …

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