Splish splash before class

We took one last trip to the woods before we get serious about school work and enveloped in colder weather. It was the perfect weekend … filled with untold beauty and small joys.

We played in the water and wrestled rocks into artful piles and pillars.

We documented our experiences at the Nature Center.

We climbed high and got goofy.

We worked our way into cracks and crevices …

… and encountered forest creatures.

This one’s threat level is very low, while this one …

… nearly gave me a heart attack. If you’ve read or seen The Hunger Games, you know why. The kids and I were standing three feet — literally — away from this thing. I stopped to take a photo of a rock. A rock! And my daughter screeched, “Hornets!” I immediately thought of that scene in the movie and/or book. We moved away quickly. And then of course I went back to get a photo.

The best part of trips like this? Nothing time … time to play, to invent, to create.

They constructed their own shelter while I prepared vittles.

They walked the line without concern for life and limb.

And we played.

Now it’s time to weave our web of exploration … inside. We’ll crack the books today. We’ll put our noses to the grindstone and dive in head first. But there on our window sills we have rocks from the creek and acorns and pine cones and attempts to make the moss grow in a terrarium. We want to keep the woods with us. Nature is our daily need.

Get out. Go!

You’ll feel better.


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    Buckeyemom August 27, 2012 (7:53 am)

    Looks like a gorgeous weekend and absolutely beautiful location to spend with your family! I bet the kids had a blast. The rock formations remind me of The Ledges in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. “Nature is our Daily Need” I LOVE it!