Wardrobe change gone aflutter

monarch butterfly cage

Farm boy has been waiting and watching and hoping. This morning we knew things were happening. And then, surprise! A star was born on the last day of August. We let the newly formed wings flutter and flap and dry and strengthen and then …

Monarch butterfly

He stuck a pudgy finger near and the marvelous creature climbed aboard with its dainty black legs. “You’re free!”

And then … away it flew to the upper branches of the pine tree.

Monarch butterfly chrysalis

Now we wait for another transformation.
You can find your own mini miracles on milkweed plants that grow along the side of the road and in pastures. Keep your eyes peeled. Some caterpillars are extremely tiny. Others are just about plump enough to attach to something, form a J-shape and begin an amazing costume change. And it’s a very cool thing to watch.

Happy weekend, friends. May your days and Labor Day be filled with tiny miracles and many amazements!

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