Illuminating craft project

Lowes Flower Light

Thanks to the recent transformation in blue, we had to make a trip to Lowes. And when I say ‘we’ I mean the whole dumplin’ gang.

Sometimes the kids and I go to Lowes, though not if I can help it. Sometimes the man of the house goes to Lowes — alone, if he can help it. All five of us shopping together at Lowes? It’s like herding cats. And the tomcat? He would wander around for days before he dared ask someone for help or direction. It’s irritating. But alas! More about the bookcase 2x12s in another post, because the girls and I found something much more delightful.

While the men were selecting the best boards, we visited the lighting section. Our school table needs more bright, white light. Something fun … something relatively inexpensive … something like this cool do-it-yourself plastic pendent.

styleselections pendant Lowes

Don’t be intimidated by instructions and multiple plastic parts. This fun light was simple to put together and at $29.99, much cheaper than a chandelier of any sort.

You simply snap the plastic pieces to the center ring, then snap on the shade sheets in five layers. I employed a daughter to help. We finished in a jiffy — it’s like a giant puzzle.

And when you’re done …

Ta-dah! instant illumination. Well, almost. Farmguy is going to attach a switch and plug to the cord. Apparently hard-wiring won’t work where I want it (although Chico never has problems installing new lighting on Divine Design, but whatever). FarmGuy is busy building shelves for our books, anyway.

It is Labor Day weekend, after all.

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