Peep show for those feeling nosy

Holstein cow nose

I just love all those pink and white and black and gray slobbery snot pots. Pucker up for a big ol’ Eskimo kiss and prepare to rub noses with some of our bovine beauties.

Mwah … gimme some sugar.

No kisses until you wipe your nose … and no, I will not let you lick the lens of my camera.

Mmm. I love this one …

… and this one.

Don’t forget me! I wanna kiss, too …

Perhaps my favorite nose of the whole bunch …

Pretty in pink with tan polka dots.  *Smooch*

Don’t worry, folks — we know she’s strange. It’s our strategy, see. We humor her and she feeds us hay. It works. Now … go be nosy somewhere else. The peep show is over.

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    Kelly D. September 12, 2012 (10:03 am)

    Made me smile…..and I really needed to smile this morning! Thank you!