Fork-tender round steak for supper

Fork-tender Round Steak Supper Bake - Farmgirl Follies

If you know anything about beef, you know that cuts from the round aren’t as tender as the middle meats. The round requires different cooking techniques like braising. And a good marinade goes a long way to break down tougher muscle fibers for a more tender bite.

round steak ingredients

And then came bacon.

I’m not one to mince meats (or words). So in short: bacon plus round steak is a very good thing.
Trust me.

round steak in pan

Drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil in a cast iron skillet (or in the case of my family of five meat and potato eaters, a roasting pan). Line the bottom of the pan with 6-8 slices of bacon. On top of the bacon, layer round steak that has been cut into portion-sized pieces. Sprinkle with coarse salt and freshly-ground black pepper.

I know, it may sound strange — but the bacon will add flavor and help tenderize the beef.

On top of the round steaks, layer 8-10 small red potatoes, sliced thin. Top with a few sprigs of fresh rosemary. Sprinkle with more salt and pepper.

On top of potatoes, add a layer of chopped carrots. I used one package of baby carrots. Top with one small onion, finely chopped. Sprinkle with a bit more salt and pepper. You could also add chopped, fresh parsley, but I didn’t have any.

Add one cup of water and a 1/2 cup of your favorite dry red wine.

I used Smoking Loon Cabernet sauvignon. Cover and bake in a 350-degree oven for one hour, then reduce heat to 275 degrees for another 1 to 1-1/2 hours or until meat is tender and cuts easily with a fork.

Skillet Round Steak Supper

Spoon onto a plate or into a shallow bowl, and ladle juices over the meat and vegetables. Then … enjoy! Round steak can be tasty, tender and a true crowd-pleaser. Best of all, it’s easy on the wallet. Happy eating!

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    Melissa Wells October 16, 2012 (8:18 pm)

    Throw in a glass of your cider and one of your sister’s caramel/chocolate apples for dessert and I am at your place for dinner the next time you have this meal!! It looks simply scrumptious!!!! Even at 2130!

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    Farmchick October 17, 2012 (12:20 pm)

    Looks yummy!!! 🙂 I am just out visiting…enjoyed my stay here. I would love for you to share your photos on my blog swap…Farm Photo Friday. Stop on over and say hi!

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    sharee April 2, 2013 (9:28 am)

    Going to try this recipe tonight